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PORTABLE XRF TECHNOLOGY Born in a culture of innovation, portable Thermo Scientific x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers continue to lead the way since we introduced the first one-piece handheld XRF analyzer in 1994.

XRF itself is a non destructive test for material composition, a technique that we perfected so that we can offer you a choice of instrument platforms, excitation sources, calibration models, and modes of operation…choices that are optimized for the way you work.

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Optical emission spectroscopy using arc and spark excitation (Arc Spark OES) is the preferred method for trace metal analysis to determine the chemical composition of metallic samples.

This process is widely used in the metal making industries, including primary producers, foundries, die casters and manufacturing. Due to its rapid analysis time and inherent accuracy, arc spark optical emission spectroscopy systems are most effective in controlling the processing of alloys.

Optical Emission Spectroscopy, or OES, is a well trusted and widely used analytical technique used to determine the elemental composition of a broad range of metals.

Arc spark spectrometers can be used for many aspects of the production cycle including in-coming inspection of materials, metal processing, quality control of semi-finished and finished goods and many other applications where a chemical composition of the metallic material is required.

OES can analyze a wide range of elements from Lithium to Uranium in solid metal examples covering a wide concentration range, giving very high accuracy, high precision and low detection limits.

The type of samples which can be tested using OES include samples from the melt in primary and secondary metal production, and in the metals processing industries, tubes, bolts, rods, wires, plates and many more. The elements and concentrations that OES analyzers can determine depend on the material being tested and the type of analyzer used.