Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT)

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Transformer 50kVA/65kVA /70kVA/100kVA

6 way mobile power source transformers, is housed in a robust, mild steel box section frame which has wheels fixed to the base for ease of movement. This transformer has the capacity to run twenty four, 60 volt, 2.7kw ceramic heaters from its secondary output supply. The front control panel consists of mini controllers and energy regulators which can be used to perform pre and post weld heat treatment. Neon indicator lights are fitted to enable the user to see clearly when a channel is in use. It also features an auto/manual switch to allow the use of an external automatic temperature programmer, twelve female panel mounted twist locks are fitted to enable the triple cable sets to be connected and there are six thermocouple sockets on the front of the unit and additional sockets are also fitted to the rear of the unit. The rear of the unit also features 3 x 110V auxiliary sockets, a ventilation fan, main circuit breaker and both multi plug and single channel connections for use with external programmers. The transformer is fully CE Approved.

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12 Point Recorder

The 12 point digital recorder and is housed in a robust, powder coated mild steel casing, with carry handles fitted to each side for ease of movement. The recorder has type K thermocouple sockets fitted to the rear for connection and it has the option to either have a multiple channel view or to just view an individual channel. The recorder is also CE approved. Temperature Range 0 -1200 degree C, Auxiliary supply 110/240 Volts.

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The Programmer is portable and easy to use. It is housed in a robust mild steel casing with a carry handle fitted to the top of the unit for ease of movement. Fitted to the rear of the unit are thermocouple sockets which are used for connection to the heat treatment unit via a link cable. The features of the unit include a digital six channel temperature display, a ramp hold feature and temperature 'up' and 'down' rate settings and it has a battery backup in case of mains failure.

Thermocouple Attachment

Splitters – 2/3/4/5way

Triple Cable Set 15m & 30m

Nickel Chrome StrandWire

Compensating Cable

60 Amp Male/Female Twistlock

300 Amp Male/Female

Thermocouple Wire

Ceramic Pad

Ceramic Beads Spares

Thermocouple Plug & Socket

High Temperature Putty

Copper Shim wide

Chino Chart Paper

60 Amp Male & Female Pane

300 Amp Male & Female Panel

Digital Mini Controller

Panel mounted thermocouple

Albright Contactor

Chino Ink Set