Magnetic Particle Testing Equipment’s & Accessories

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Portable Electromagnetic Yokes

Yokes Available in AC Yoke 110V-220V,AC/DC Yoke 110V-220 and Battery Operated Yoke.

The yokes have articulated legs and flexible poles to fit on odd Shape object.

The light weight electromagnetic yoke is the ideal tool for Detection of surface or sub surface cracks and flaws in any Ferromagnetic material.

Portable and light weight between 2.8kgs to 3.30kgs.

No risk of sparking or ‘hot spot’ on the job. >

Magnetic flux output meets ASTM/ASME/BS/MIL Specifications.

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Electro Magnetic Coil

Coil Available Size : 8”,10” & 15”

Wear – resistant Casing

Equipped with footswitch for energizing magnetic current

230V/115V, 50/60hz,Single – phase power source required

Provides excellent portability for transverse defects in shafts, Spindles and similar components.

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High Intensity UV – Lamp

Black light or ultraviolet light is used for Non Destructive Testing With fluorescent Magnetic Particles or Fluorescent Dye Penetrant.

Light Weight Hand Lamp

Strong & rugged to withstand rigorous NDT use.

Meets NDT Specifications.